Keeps tires inflated for over a year

Lasts 100 times longer than CO2

Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting

Stayfill® keeps your wheels ready to roll

We’ve all been there…you’re all ready to use you equipment and your tires are too flat to use. Stayfill® was made for you. When you fill your tires with Stayfill®, they stay filled. And your equipment is ready to go when you are. Stayfill® won’t prevent flats from nails or glass, but it will keep your tires hard to minimize the possibility.

Developed originally for bicycles to improve on CO2 cartridges, Stayfill® is a proprietary gas blend that is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-ozone depleting. We’ve packaged Stayfill® in the same metal cartridge used for CO2. But Stayfill® is far better than CO2. We invite you to try Stayfill® and see what we mean when we say…

“Fill It and Forget It.”

Originally designed for bicycles, now available for all small tires including:

Strollers and Joggers



Balls and Other Inflatable Equipment

Carts and Light Duty Trailers

Lawn Mowers and Seeders


“I had filled my wheelchair tires on December 2nd, to 110psi. On April 6th I checked to see what the pressure was. One tire had 94psi and the other had 85psi. That was after over 4 months of full-day use! That is FANTASTIC.”

“We have your cartridges for our Fire Department. We use them in our wheelbarrow tires and they work great.”